Michel, F1CHM's PICaSTAR

Created on 6h Feb, 2010 and last updated on November 29, 2010

Michel now has two STARS fitted with touch screen 5inch TFT displays.

Michel reports he has another STAR underway also. (28th Nov 2010, see end of page, now completed)

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Michel has fitted his own version of the PA3AKE band pass filter to his Trxavrb controlled PICaSTAR. His version uses smaller toroids and the original Crystal filter for now. ie. it replaces the orginal STAR BPF.

9th March, 2010, Michael now has a 5" TFT fitted to his rig. Michel is a member of the Trxavrb team and is using a prototype TFT pcb.

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Michel has adapted his front panel from graphic to a TFT display by fitting an adapter plate which appears to be PCB material.

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28th Nov, 2010

Michel's 3rd STAR is a Combo with Tf also. Michel reports it's working 100 out of 100 !


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