Seamus, G7ITT, Combo PICaSTAR build:

Last updated on November 7, 2010, More pictures.

15th Jan, 2010:

Hi Glenn,

Many, many, thanks for the boards; they are a dream to work with!

Enclosed are some pictures of my build so far. The original TrxAVR board is not included as I think I may have introduced some static somehow and blown both Atmegas! Thankfully you sent (included) a new board with the Combo so that is built and working. I will work on the other one for a spare later!
There are about 13-15 components left to fit to the main board, (plus a few coax cables) most of which are on order from various sources; mainly ferrites and transformers for the Magic roundabout and IF. Hopefully get it on the air very soon.
I have not had much chance to read the group emails, what is the current situation with the TFT touch panel displays? I would like to go large as in about 8" but I am not sure yet what to do!

All the best and thanks again


Very neat construction and assembly of parts. Click on all pictures for larger view:-

Seamus has a neat trick to identify parts not fitted. He has marked the pads with a red pen.




Other boards (keypad not from Combo Panel)

Nov 2010_

Hi Glenn, Finally I have taken some pictures of the nearly completed ComboStar! And one of the test gear stack with the Scope I was telling you about on the top. The final front panel has yet to be drilled etc. and will sit in front of the one in the pics. The rig is tranceiving very nicely and has an OZ2M 70MHz transverter built in. I have yet to build a PA for 4m but have a design waiting for some time to do it. The LPF is mounted in a box purchased from Farnell and is a good fit! The LEDs next to the tft are from top to bottom; Parameter colour, Spare, TX, Attenuator, IP3, DSP, and 5v AVR. I just thought that the provision was there so I might as well use it! I have not decided what to assign the 8 buttons to the right of the display yet but I'm sure I will find a use for them. Hope the files are not too large. All the best and hope to work you Star to Star sometime. 73 Seamus G7ITT






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