Last updated on February 16, 2010

Hi Glenn,

Here is a picture of progress to date, built from junque box and leftover parts. Basically, I'm lacking ADSP2181 and AD1885, TLC7524 and the audio chip and 3125s and 6s (I prefer to mount these on the BPF before glueing on anything else. Also some trimcaps. .
I do have a set of original TOKOS from W4ZCB and Jabdog, obtained some time ago also T4-1s for the MR.

There is 1 resistor on the MR marked on the layout picture "TBA"...do you happen to know it's value? { Not fitted, <Glenn> }

The 1 1/2" studs are helpful for working on the bottom of the board without damaging the topside.

Congrats on a great board...it makes things so much easier to integrate. I particularly liked the feature of using RFCs to feed power to each module...it will make things very easy to troubleshoot.

Can't tell whether the pic is in focus or not because my eyesight isn't currently in focus.



Jay has used a plug in DDS carrier instead of fitting the on-board components.

Click for larger picture

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