Charlie, VK3NX's Combo PICaSTAR build

21st Feb, Charlie has near finished the casing of his radio, see below


3rd Feb, 2010 Charlie has updated me on his case build (below) which may interest many without full facilities for metal bashing:

Hi Glenn,

I thought you might be interested in some more progress pictures. The pictures are self explanatory and as you can see I have made the internal chassis out of PCB so I can easily solder to it if I need a direct gnd connection. I have also constructed the front section which houses the TrxAVR-b controller to be easily removed to work on or change in the future. The "skeleton" is aluminium as will be the covers. I have fully tested the Combo STaR board and all is working as planned. I am sure that once I fit the shields, all spurrii and 'digital noise" will be eliminated. I'll integrate the amps and the LPF on the underside as well as DC input switching and filtering (all in their own shielded compartments).

Thanks very much for all your help with the build so far.

31st Jan, 2010:-

Just received these pictures from Charlie who is well advanced with Trxavrb and Combo build. I don't know the details as yet but Charlies Combo PICaSTAR will be housed in a part PCB case like original STAR design, but using some aluminium sections and lids of aluminium also. [ the Combo PCB has provision for soldering a PCB based case around the edges.]

Charlie has used the alternate footprint ADS-2181 also. Very nice work so far Charlie. <vk3pe>




Hello Glenn,
I've finished loading all the components on my Combo-StaR board and I've completed my TrxAVRb interface (front panel). I'm very happy so far with how the TrxAVRb is working and integrating with the combo-STaR. I've also managed to test the DDS, all interfacing and the DSP code is loading! I thought I would send pics of the build so far before I get into more testing of the RF sections.

I may have an issue with the IF board as I can't find my 2nd LO ( at 10.7MHz) to zero beat...more testing later on tonight, hopefully not a serious issue.

73, more later





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Not sure what display Charlie is using but note he has fully shielded it (above)













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21st Feb, 2010

Charlie has near finished the casing of his radio, and has extensive bypassing on all cables. Most of them shielded also. A very nice build indeed. <vk3pe>


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