Peter, VK3BPN,

Peter is the 1st to submit progress pics after just a few days from receiving the PCB's

Last updated on March 17, 2010

12th Dec, 2009

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24th December, 2009. Peter has progressed well and is using PICNMIX at least initially. Peter is about to load DSP once he figures out just what to do.

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28th Dec, 2009 Peter has loaded DSP code and the LED is flashing !


16th March, 2010: Peter has been very busy and his Combo is now in a home brew case made from extrusions etc. Peter's Combo uses PICnMIX for control.

Hi Glenn

Finally got the enclosure how I wanted and I'm pleased with the appearance. There is a 25mm bar running from the front to rear panel with a aluminum plate fixed to the top to mount the PA components. The combo board is insulated from the rails and mounted on the bottom.
The idea for the front surround is from your enclosure on the website except I used 10mm L section mounted "back to back"
The size is almost exactly the same size as the combo board.

Cheers Peter

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