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TrxAVRB Interface construction

These pages are intended to assist with construction using vk3pe PCB's.

TrxAVRB is an alternative interface to Picnmix, to control a PICaSTAR

This page has details of the "Builders" section

Last updated on September 3, 2009

Created on 27th July by VK3PE

Hi gents,

Although extremely busy with work, I was able to get some hours in sorting out the mechanics for the second star using Glenn's commercial PCB and the TFT display with stable working s/w.

It's been running for 1 week solid, no hick-ups obvious, the DSP and Codec brick is almost complete, so I hope to have RX running before I am on leave.

I have attached some pictures of star No. 2

The left hand side top to bottom is the power switch, CW jack, Stereo speaker jack, Mic socket

The three knobs are, L to R. Volume, pot 2, programmable, pot 3 menu rotary encoder for DSP menu with push switch for TRXAVR menu.

Six button, 5+1 L to R, escape, display, ext, stacks, not used and the sole 6th is for RS-232 DSP control for normal and PC control.

The left side will be all cabling, Timer and matrix PCB are the heaviest for wiring, the small diecast box ( Jaycar ) is the MR and DDS filter.

Case is an old "Ando" instrument, it's dimensions are as follows:- 280x350x135, WxDxH, outside.

Regards Gerald VK3GJM (2nd Sept, 2009)

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