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"Combo" & Modular PICaSTAR Builders:

IMPORTANT:- You MUST be a member of the Yahoo™ 'picaproject' Group for access to the latest files and software and to purchase these PCB's in the group buys. You need to join this group and digest all the information contained there on the project and especially the set-up information. Picastar was designed by Peter, G3XJP, who wrote a series of articles which appeared in RADCOM magazine.

You need, at the very least, to have read through these articles, for the backgound information, setup procedures and design details. In addition, information on coil and transformer winding is contained in those articles, that are now duplicated on the PICAPROJECT Yahoo Group pages. This group is not active as a reflector, it only contains files.

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Latest Builders updates here,


Gicu's home brew PCB's and Combo Star's March 2013 updated !

Alex AI2Q now on air with 2nd STAR 4th July, 2013

Tony_G4LFU's Combo P series build 24th Aug 2013

Ken_ G3LVP Combo P2 series on air 27th Nov 2013

Nick, UY5QQ's modular STAR build is now receiving signals. 5th May 2014

Carlos, EA1CGK's magnificent build NEW July 2017





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