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The ICOM -IC-705 is here!  



The release of the new ICOM IC-705© seems to have created a bit of a rush on sales in VK. (Early Sept 2020)

Whilst it has been tempting us for quite a while now, it's finally available in Australia and some other markets.

My personal shack is all home brew gear, based on the Picastar project by G3XJP. Have built a number of these and very satisfying to use your own home brew gear but eventually the temptation has overcome me and I bought an IC-705. Well I paid the money, but it's sold out already in VK and I am hoping to get one from the next shipment.

There are some Groups one can join to keep up with possible changes, see what others are doing with it etc for example on Group.i0 "ic-705". A search should find the group easily.


All Mode Portable

What is it?

A new hybrid radio. Base station radio performance and functions are packaged in a compact and lightweight portable size. Whether you are taking your hobby to a SOTA, POTA, or some other "On the Air" location, the IC-705 will be your "GO TO" rig!

Output Power:

10W with 13.8VDC external power supply
5W with BP-272 Li-ion battery pack

Receiver Type:

  Direct sampling

RX Frequencies:

  0.030-470.000 MHz





All Mode Radio

From HF to 50/144/430 MHz, enjoy a variety of bands in D-STAR DV, SSB, CW, AM and FM modes. The IC-705 receives continuously from the medium wave broadcast band to 144 MHz band. You can also enjoy FM broadcast and air band reception.

RF Direct Sampling System

The IC-705 uses the RF direct sampling method, which greatly reduces distortion. The high speed/high resolution real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display are incorporated in a compact design for the first time in this class.

Real-Time Spectrum Scope and Waterfall Display

Users familiar with the real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display as seen in the IC-7300 and IC-9700 can now use it in field operation. Utilize the base station feature without the price of one in a compact radio, quickly monitor band activity and find a clear frequency.

D-STAR Functions

Users can enjoy the latest G3 Gateway and DV mode features and have direct access to the D-STAR network with Terminal/Access point modes. The Photo Share feature as seen in the IC-9700 is available on the IC-705 to share photos with other IC-705 and IC-9700 radios without a computer.

GPS Functions

Enhance field operations with the built-in GPS receiver and antenna. Functions include location logging*, RX/TX locations via D-PRS, "Near Me" repeater search/scan, QSO recording with metadata*, and an internal clock synchronization.
  *Micro SD required

What's inside the IC-705? Obviously theres a lot of 'stuff' packed into that small rig. Layers of printed circuit boards and shields. There's a nice Japanese youTube video here, showing what's in there.


VK3FS has some excellent information on the IC-705. Well worth a read, pro's and cons are considered in buying this rig. Also has links to the Manuals and software.

The ICOM Manual is very detailed and it will be quite a job to set it up, although right now I have no interest in D-Star, which runs for many pages in the manual!

You can download the manuals freely on the ICOM web site also.

My plan is to use it mostly in the shack, possibly with a 50-100W linear and also to make a carry box for possible /P (portable) use. It will also contain one of the ATU boards "ATU-100" available on eBay. While this ATU is not ideal from a low current point of view, I have one available already. It uses standard relays rather than latching relays.

I have a plastic "ammo box" which should suit it perfectly for /P use. Plenty of room for a 7.2aH SLA battery, plus the IC-705 and some accessories. And keep the rain out as the IC-705 is not waterproof or even splash proof it seems.

I also bought an additional ICOM power cable for more flexibility in using the rig. Icom Part number is OPC-2421 "DC POWER LEAD". It's pretty pricey though. In VK Jaycar have what appears to be a similar plug for about $3.00. Cat # PP-0515, BUT.....

It has been pointed out to me that one must be careful with these DC connectors as they carry a lot of current in Transmit mode. The one above is not rated for current, on their web site, but RS-components® carry part number 768-4399 which are rated at 5Amps. It's a straight type, not right angled. (At a price though, about AUD$5.00.)

Farnell/Element14® also carry a few 5Amp rated straight plugs. eg Cat 1871174 (suits cable 3.2 - 3.8mm) & 1871175 (suits cable 3.8 - 4.4mm) would appear suitable, but check the data sheets on their web site. Also 1871176 (suits cable 4.4 - 5.1mm) Note these connectors have a locking ring on them which may be a problem.

Cat 2775668 doesn't have the locking ring and the barrel length is 9.5mm, whereas the IC-705 supplied connector is 10mm. It's only rated though to 3Amps.

I have not checked Mouser or Digikey as freight to Australia is expensive..


My IC-705 arrived on 15th Sept 2020. Very impressed so far, in listening only, but a lot of reading of the Manuals required in order to understand some of the many features.


I decided to make a stand for mine to make it easier to use on the bench. It's just a simple bent piece of aluminium, with some rubber feet stuck on the bottom.

Click the drawing for a larger view. The dimensions for the hole locations are in the Basic Manual for the IC-705, page 2-2.

It's easy to modify this idea to suit your own requirements. eg add a socket for a vertical whip antenna.


There's a commercial antenna add-on mount here. Check Amazon.com for details.




to be continued.

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